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If you’re looking to stand out with your looks- there’s an Etsy store you’ll need to pay a visit to- FAST! Selling Handmade Beaded embroidery T-shirts and Accessories, this amazing Etsy store is called: Tatidots. Named after it’s owner- Tatiana Stefanes, Tatidots is Tatiana’s place to get creative and pore her amazing talent onto something you can later on wear and be proud of!

If you love love illustration that represent our daily lives, if you love to see our most-used items on display- Tatidots will help you achieve that. You’ll be able to find different themes in Tatidots… Animals, brands, and various colours- all placed on a simple white T- with a twist- no shoulders!

With a unique eye for colour and combination, Tatiana’s designs bring out the coolest part of even the most casual items- like a Starbucks cup for example:

Here are some more examples of the cute and stylish T-shirts you’ll be able to find in Tatiana’s Etsy store:

To see more from this seller visit her ETSY store, follow her on Pinterest, Like her on FB or simply keep track of her super cool Instagram account:

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