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My favorite online “hangout” place is Etsy- the online marketplace for handmade goods.
On Etsy you could find an amazing variety of jewelry, wall art, desk accessories, phone cases, clothing items, and so much more! However, one of the biggest joys of Etsy is finding unique and special handmade baby accessories!

special panda baby cloth diapers

One store, that sells some unique baby accessories, is called TBudDesigns.

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The shop is owned by Kate, and in it you’ll be able to find unique and one of a kind cloth diapers.
Her shop didn’t start by making cloth diapers at all… Originally Kate was using her unique creativity and graphic skills to make illustrations for various clients who needed them. However, with time, and with the birth of her 2 baby girls- this business has evolved. Kate was now searching how to print her own illustrations on to unique items, and as she was searching- she found an item she believes in the most- cloth diapers.

Other than the fact that Kate’s cloth diapers are astonishingly beautiful and unique, there are other reasons to use cloth diapers. Using cloth diapers on a daily basis is so much cheaper than buying expensive disposable diapers- as well as so much more beneficial to the planet!

If you like these special designs by Kate- feel free to follow her around!
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You’ll find her social pages are filled with unique and special cloth diapers, as well as other baby accessories and also photos of her and her beautiful family !
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Visit TBudDesigns Etsy shop for more!

home made handmade cloth baby diapers

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