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If you’re looking to design a new room in the house, a house all together- or even give a gift to someone you love- you must know by now that Etsy is the best place to find unique items, hand crafted or vintage, that will fit any person- in any occasion!

One special Etsy store is called seipeloart.
Owned by Seipelo kele, from Gaborone, Botswana, this store is a great place to find great home design accessories, such as rugs, downloadable prints, oil paintings, coasters, cups, blankets… And even some personal accessories like bags and purses.

In her Etsy store, this special lady talks about what she learned, how she started the store and a little bit more about who she is:

Hello, my name is Seipelo. I am from Botswana, i am 35 years of age and i am a mother to an 9 years old girl. I do different paintings from abstract, African type of paintings and still life. In most of my paintings i use both oil and acrylic paints and a pallet knife. i also crochet and knit sometimes too.Recently i enrolled for a leather course in Capetown, South Africa and I have a professional certificate in working with leather. I like to travel on vacations..I like to look for inspirations from different places and environment.

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