Handmade Geek Patches from California


If you’re looking for the best geek patches online- you’ve found them!
An sweet little Etsy store called PewterCityTradingCo is selling handmade and unique geek patches all the way from California, USA.
The owner of the store, Christian Juarez, is shipping all of his geek patches worldwide, alongside some interesting key-chains and wearables that any geek would love!

Christmas is right around the corner, and this is the perfect time for some online shopping for Christmas… So if any of your loved ones love old games and geeky items– this could be a great store to shop for their geeky Christmas gift!

While Christian Juarez has just started selling on Etsy- his store is gaining buyers and supporters, and so far holding a 5 star rating! Check out more of his items HERE!

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