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In my country, Israel, we say that if you’re different- go to Tel Aviv.
Tel Aviv, or TLV, is the city for acceptance, a place where everyone can show who they are, dress as they please, and accessorize with true imagination. It means that many jewelry stores and people go to places like the body jewelry factory and buy whatever they desire without the fear of being judged.
The kind of freedom of clothing and appearance is why so many Etsy jewelry sellers are from TLV.
Amongst the most successful jewelry sellers on Etsy you’ll find- Albina Litvin.

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Albina is the proud owner of Benitta Moko Etsy shop for unique jewelry that will help you express yourself!- Offering her unique earrings and jewelry items in a variety of colors and styles:

DOUBLE WRAP CUFF, White Opal Ear Cuff, Ear Cuff, Fake Piercing, No Piercing, Double Cuff, Cartilage Cuff, Cuff

We offer an assortment of silver earrings, modern, minimal, body jewelry, climber earrings, bar earrings, fake jewelry, nose ring, ear cuffs, ear crawlers, helix cartilage earrings, lip ring, ear studs, hoop earrings, open hoop earrings, hammered ear climbers and much more.

Says Albina in her shop’s bio.

With more than 19K sales, and a 5 star rating, there’s no doubt in my mind that the quality of Albina’s work is nothing less than awesome, and in her 200+ products – I bet you’ll find the next jewelry accessory that will help you show out who you are inside!

If you like this style- feel free to follow Albina and her handmade jewelry on Instagram!

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