Handmade Princess Rag Dolls & Soft Baby Dolls


I have this memory from when I was 12, going through an old photo album in my house and seeing me, a 2 year old Maya, with a big yellow and red rag doll.
To be honest, Im not sure the rag doll was that big, given the fact that I was much smaller, but just looking at it made me feel warm inside.

Rag dolls are pieces of who we are, they are what we started off as, they remind us of our good old days- cause we had them through these days of growing up and exploring the world.
Does your child have a rag doll?

Maggie the Soft Doll Baby Doll

Crystal from California is one talented lady!
She has a certain way with fabrics and crochet that simply makes for beautiful items. In her Etsy shop, OddPeanut, you’ll find unique and one of a kind crochet baby booties, beanies for adults and even full baby clothing sets.
But what’s really special about this store- is the rag doll section.

There are so many beautiful and sweet rag dolls from Crystal’s shop for me to even show you here- but her are a few of my personal favorites:

You’ll also see few unique rag dolls on Crystal’s shop- princess rag dolls featuring the little mermaid and Cinderella! Isn’t that sweet?

If you like what you see here go ahead and
Visit OddPeanut Etsy shop today for more!

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