Handmade Silver and Gold Gemstone Jewellery


With over 100 items, 100 positive reviews and over 230 sales- Pebbles and Jewels Etsy store is one store you need to add to your Etsy favourites right this second! If you are a fan of accessorise and jewellery than you know that there are two types of jewellery every woman should have- the WOW effect rare occasion pieces, and the everyday “always a winner” items- the ones that would fit everything you wear and make you look classy. The problem is that most every-day-jewellery pieces all come from the same exact factory in China, and that there is nothing special about them… That’s why this Etsy store is so important for you to know!

With Pebbles and Jewels you will never have the same piece as a different woman- and will always look unique with the most simple items on you. Gold and sterling silver are the main metals Kristina, store owner, uses, and what she does with them is truly unique with it’s simplicity. Let’s start with her rare collection of handmade earrings, just so you’d understand what I’m talking about:

unique-silver-earrings-etsy-yellow unique-silver-earrings-etsy unique-silver-earrings-grey-etsy unique-silver-earrings

This would be the perfect time to say that the store, located in New Jersey, United States, ships worldwide- with affordable prices, so that any woman could spoil herself with some bling! Moving on, this store is about so much more than just earrings… Let me show you:

bracelet-etsy crystal-bracelet-etsy necklace-etsy necklace-gold-etsy ruby-necklace-etsy

So stop wasting your time here with me and go check out more items made by the hands of the amazing Kristina!

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