Handmade Slippers & Fancy Cat Cribs


Hey ladies- I hope that you like WOOL cause I have found one of the most special Etsy stores that can turn pieces of wool into amazing handmade work of arts!

slippers-handmade-blue Etsy store Felt Wool Slippers is one of the best places to get high-quality wool slippers that will always make you feel right at home. With countless designs, from no-heel slippers to actual boots, this store handmakes wool footwear in all of your favourite colours.

Coming to you all the way from Lithuania, meet- Dovile, the owner of Felt Wool Slippers. Dovile has been making these wool wonders for more than 6 years now, and if you look closely at her shop’s images- you’ll see the perfect edges and details of each shoe. Made from 100% organic wool, These slippers are soft, lightweight and comfortable. In addition, wearing wool is actually good for you. The wool naturally resists microbial proliferation, protects your feet from bacteria and neutralises bad scents. Which is probably why Dovile chose to not only make wool-slippers, but also wool-cat-cribs for your little family members to sleep in during the cols winter…


For more of Dovile’s designs, visit her Etsy store Felt Wool Slippers

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