Handmade treasures from the Sea


If you’re looking for the best place to get ocean-themed gifts for your loved ones, try Alana Lichtenstein’s Etsy store- Coastal Sea Treasures. In her store you’ll find necklaces, wedding earrings, ocean-themed tree ornaments and more.
Here are some of the amazing items you’ll find in her store:

beach-theme-ornament glow-in-the-dark-earrings-beach-theme-wedding glow-in-the-dark-necklace ocean-in-a-bottle-ocean-jewelry

Alana is a self-taught jewelry artist who got her passion to make jewelry after she purchased a handmade item that inspired her. And for someone who taught herself how to make jewelry – she sure looks like a pro to me! Sending her goods from Pennsylvania, Alana is one of the most amazing jewelry makers on Etsy. As these items were just a taste- you can see her full collection at her Etsy store. Feel free to also follow her on Facebook to see more updates from her skilled hands!

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