Handmade Wooden Stools – Nursery/ Kids Room Musts !


If you are planning a new nursery, or looking to add something to an existing child’s room- you need to meet Mary & Michael.
The Greek wood-craft duo is a wooden-madness team that creates the most unique wooden stools you’ll ever see!

The couple sell their unique wooden stools on Etsy, in a shop called SKOULO.
In their local dialect, SKOULO means dandelion… And as dandelions go where the wind blows- they see their wooden kids stools traveling to the ends of the earth.

With woodwork running in the family, the two started their current wood craft collection when they designed a stool for their very first child. Wanting to make the stool look beautiful and not only useful is what led them to think that other parents might be interested in such a product too… So they opened their shop on Etsy- and we all love them for it!

Although these beautiful wooden stools are marketed for kids rooms- they will also be a beautiful addition to your kitchen, dorm-room, bedroom, and even back yard!

Interesting in learning more?
Find all the details about shipping and prices on
SKOULO Etsy shop for wooden kids stools!

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