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One of my favourite things about events and holidays is the greeting cards! I have this “treasure box” at home filled with envelopes and greeting cards in all shapes and sizes. If you are looking for a special way to congratulate someone or if you want to add some colour to your treasure box- I have just the Etsy store for you!

This store is called Greeting With Love and you’ll be able to find there all kinds of Mini-envelopes, styled to perfection, and included with a greeting card inside (mostly white paper or brown). Some of the listings in this store are also for a designed card, with a choice of a white or brown envelope… And if you take a look at my favourite items from this store- you’ll understand why I’m so thrilled about it:

Music Sheet Mini Envelopes


Graduation Greeting Cards with Mini Envelopes


World Map Mini Envelopes


Disney Princesses Mini Envelopes


Simple and Classy Mini Envelopes


You can even order a special guest book with mini envelopes for dedications and blessings:


Store also offers a chance to get a surprise Mystery-Box with special items selected by the owner… Sounds like a crafty treat to me! So make sure to check out Greeting With Love for all of your greeting and creative needs! They ship worldwide from the USA!

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