Have You Seen These Items On TV?

Feature din TV shows like Law & Order and Vampire Diaries- please welcome the amazing pieces, these works of art, these amazing jewels, by Lani.

This talented woman from California, is sharing pieces of magic with us in the form of hand crafted and well designed jewelry. Her style is so simple that it takes us so far away from our statement trends with huge boho items that make you look like you live in Africa.
She creates simple concepts, easy to look at designs that would easily fit anything you wear, and that would look great with your everyday style as well as with a formal dress in a big event for work or with your family and loved ones.

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I think that the feeling I get the most from looking at Lani’s items is a romantic one, which would explain why a dramatic over-the-top-feelings show like TVD would choose her jewelry over other’s and display them on the show’s characters.

Lani’s jewelry items, her necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings- are the perfect wedding accessory, and if you know any bride to be’s (or you’re planning a wedding yourself)- you’ll be able to find her designs in her Etsy store- laosborn.

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In her Etsy store’s about us section, Lani talks about the journey she’s been through. While a lot of people simply toy with crafts and sell an item every now and then, for many people- Etsy is nothing less than their life’s work. It’s a business, an online boutique, and a place to share your passion with the world, in hopes that it’s that passion that will be your full living one day. Here’s what she had to say about her journey:

One of my greatest journeys was starting a business, 12 years ago baby by side at my kitchen table. I have learned, laughed and and cried. I have experienced success and loss, but through it all remembered life is a journey. I am thankful for each day, people, new experiences. I am reminded that of these things the most important of all is to remain humble and helpful.

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Lani’s Instagram account is surly one to follow! With amazing and rare footage of her items, as well as giving us what we want- new trends, new item alerts and a simple contemporary way to express ourselves:

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So, if you haven’t gotten to the point of checking out Lani’s store yet- you should! With almost 10K sales under her belt- this is the one Etsy store you don’t want to miss!

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