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If you’re on your way to achieve a life of health and fitness- jogging and exorcize is a big part of it. Now, for most people, jogging on it’s own is not a thing you do for fun, and the “thrill” of the jog is often not enough to keep doing it. It’s true that once you see results and make a habit out of fitness – it becomes easier to keep at it, but until you do we thought of some pretty things that might make you get started!

feathers in black leggings

It’s stupid to admit, but a lot of women go out for a jog for the outfit, the look, the whole vibe of it… That’s why they make jogging clothes to be so colorful and variant- so that every woman would find something she likes.
I recently came across a cute Etsy store from San Fransisco. The seller, Brandon Sanders, is designing unique leggings & crop tops for you to take with you for your next jog! The store is called Supreme Leggings, and Supreme is defiantly the way to describe what you could find there!

From designed and patterned leggings, to clear colored ones- this store gives you a variety along with a mix and match option- of a single colored legging with a patterned crop top- and vice versa. Amongst the colored leggings I found a few designs that reminded me of some great movies I have seen, like Kill Bill yellow leggings, or the cheshire cat from Alice In Wonderland:

From all of the designs in this Etsy store I have to say that it was one that caught my eye the most. Maybe it’s because I love flowers so much, or maybe it’s the high cut perfection combo with the top- but my favorite pair of leggings from Supreme Leggings Etsy store- was this pair:

floral leggings
If you like this sort of active wear- I highly recommend following this store owner on Instagram or Facebook– to see new designs as well as current hot designs modeled with HIGH HEELS!

So go ahead and get your groove on-
with Supreme Leggings!

fitness leggings on Etsy

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