Hen Tal, More Than Just A Naked Girl


I think it was 2 years ago when Hen Tal started taking off her cloths and posting extremely sexy pictures of herself on Facebook. Perhaps she got her inspiration from seeing Danni Levy naked on Babestation? She’s the queen of sexy pictures. Hen, who lives in Israel, started off by posting half-naked pictures, in everyday situations… hen-talGathering, little by little, more than 116K followers, Hen Tal endured some heavy criticism. While she has managed to build a sizeable Facebook following, one can only assume that she would have even more followers if she had an Instagram page, since it is pretty easy for anyone to get instagram followers. However, with all of these followers comes the unfortunate circumstance of nasty comments. From people offering her violent sex encounters to slut-shammers saying she could never be a man’s wife if she carries on like this.

Can A Naked Woman Have A Brain?

I think this was the biggest issue when Hen Tal decided to show us very little of her wardrobe. But as a media girl myself I have to say I’m in awe. Taking off her cloths might have been her way to get out there, to get famous and known, but she did it oh so smartly, and showed us she had a skin of an elephant. One should have such a skin in order to keep going after reading such terrible things about yourself around the big wide web.

As time passed by and Hen Tal started collaborating with numerous fashion designers, beauty parlours and clubs- you could see that beneath very little clothing lies a true business woman.

The biggest collaboration hen Tal is now flaunting is the one she has with Omri Hayun, an Israeli celeb blogger who is now working side by side with Hen Tal, offering live feeds of quality gossip time.

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