High quality Organic Wear for Kids on Etsy


If you’re looking to have the best possible quality and comfort for your child- you must try organic wear!
Organic cotton materials and fabrics are known for their lightness, being super airy and allowing the skin to breath- the perfect fit for your little girl or boy! And for that- we have an Etsy store!

Owned by Lisa Haukom from California- meet AmuseMeShop Etsy store! And you’re going to want to visit this store if you got little kids at home- or some grandkids or nephews you’d like to spoil!
The most revolutionary item in this store is Lisa’s “magical” apron for nurse-feeding. Curious yet?

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Made in the USA

Lisa takes pride in the fact that her clothes are made in the USA- as well as all of the organic fabrics that she uses for her collections. That means that you’ll be getting the best quality and attention to details- with handmade items and not China-mass-produced items. As all of the items are handmade there are no identical items- even if you order 2 of the same- Lisa will create these two items- to perfection, but not identical- true proof that this is an Etsy seller that handmakes everything!

The perfect solution for breastfeeding!

In her store’s BIO section, Lisa tells us how she came up with the main idea behind her store- how she developed a product that could help any woman who struggles with her child’s “boredom” while breast feeding!

A mother sat nursing her baby on a bench. The curious babe, having had enough of being kept in the dark, tossed her nursing cover aside exposing her mother’s bare chest for all to see. The babe was my daughter and the mother was me. So, in an effort to keep her happy being covered and to maintain my modesty, I created the Amuse Me nursing cover. A reversible cover with ribbons attached to the interior layer designed to give baby a colorful pattern to look at and curious fingers amused, while staying covered.

From her necessity to her friends, from them to all of you- a business was born!
And a wonderful one, too!

Make sure to always stayed up to date with Lisa’s new collections and promotions by following her social channels and official website!
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