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Etsy, the online marketplace for handmade goods, is probably the best place to go to if you’re looking for high quality hand-knitted beanies or hair bands.
While the majority of beanies and knitted headbands you see people wearing are mass-produced, on Etsy you’ll find people like Marsela- who make only 1 out of each of their beanie, headbands and neck warmer designs- giving you a high quality handmade wool product- that only exists for you <3

100% Wool Hand Knit Hat: Chunky Beanie - One Size:Handmade Pom Pom

Marsela is selling her unique woolen hair accessories and beanies in her shop HauteMadeGR.
Shipping worldwide, from Greece, HauteMadeGR Etsy shop is a great example of the unique items you’ll find on Etsy, with different styles than the ones you are used to.

This Greek fashion accessories boutique has brought us something I particularly liked: men in beanies!
While people in the western world often associate colorful knitted beanies with women- this shop has men wearing their bright accessories- and they are beautiful!


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Head scrunchies is unique designs

Another item available on HauteMadeGR Etsy shop is unique fabric handmade hair scrunchies- made to take your hair style back to the 80’s-90’s and early 2000’s- with a decorative way to tie your hair up!

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100%Wool Hand Knit Chunky Cowl : Colorful Neck Warmer - One Size

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