Hiking’s Precious Moments Captured In Camera


I have had the opportunity of showcasing dozens of Etsy stores and Etsy store owners in the past couple of months, and I have always found their art work to be breath-taking. Throughout numerous posts of jewellery, handcrafted house decorations, utilities and more, I have always found that photography was what really MOVED me.

handmade-greeting-cards As a female traveller, my biggest joy comes from sharing posts about other women, women who took beauty into their own hands, and with a camera made memories for life- even for those who never travelled a day in their’s. Such a woman is Pamela Ponsart, from Reno, NV, United States. Pamela is happily retired. Being in retirement has made her reconnect with her love of photography, as she now possess the time to do so. In the last 10+ years of her life, Pamela enjoyed hiking, and while hiking she captured incredibly beautiful sights with her digital camera. Thinking of this great time in her life, Pamela used these photos in her greeting cards to her friends and family, on holidays and other joyous occasions. When seeing how amazing her art was, her friends and family encouraged her to open shop and start marketing her art work to the general public.

In April of 2013 Pamela took her friends’ advice and opened her Etsy store- Pam’s Fab Photos. But she didn’t stop with just greeting cards… Moving along with time, Pamela found that she could also print her inspiring art onto daily objects such as mouse pads, sweatshirts, t-shirts, coasters, and of course- prints and greeting cards. In her store you could even find sets for sale, of several items with the same concept. Pamela encourages buyers to contact her via her Etsy store for any special requests or wholesale deals.

Here are my favourite items from her store:

art-by-pamela coaster-pamela-etsy lake-taho-blue-tshirt reno-city-photography-coasters

See more of Pamela’s work here: www.facebook.com/PamsFabPhotos.

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