Hollie Blake’s Commercial & Personal Use Digital Papers


A lot of people think that Etsy is only there for you to get some cool handmade bags or a new hand stitched shirt, but the truth is that you could find everything on Etsy- even graphic needs!
HollieBlakeDesigns Etsy store is a great example of the variety amongst Etsy sellers, as this talented graphic designer has built a shop to sell her mouse-made digital papers.
These digital papers could be for personal use, high resolution- and would look amazing on print, you could use them as backgrounds for your cards in birthdays and events… Or you could use them for business purposes and add them to the background of your website or to your Facebook creative efforts.

Her colourful ideas are variant, and you’d be able to find, with each file, more than 40 pages of that same pattern she creates but with a different shade or colour- to make sure you always have what you need! All of the items are instant download- meaning- you’ll get a file as soon as you complete the purchase- no need to wait for the post-man to drop off a package at your door!

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