Home Decor for Vintage Car Lovers? Check out this Pillow!

Shopping for gifts for men is EXHAUSTING!!
I mean, what do men even like?
So I searched Etsy for gifts for men, and found a lot of generic gift ideas, like knives, or office supplies….
Taking a moment to breath in a clear my mind I thought to myself:
What would I like as a gift ? + what do men like in general?

awesome car pillow

Vintage Car Pillow Cover!!

Yes, I would love a cute printed pillow cover, and men like vintage cars!
So I found the most adorable vintage car photograph- printed on a pillow on RealDealCraft Etsy shop- and I am loving it! honestly? looking at this car pillow, I think I’m into vintage cars now!!

RealDealCraft has so many other items, with a variety of designs,
for men, women, unisex, as well as accessories & wearables!
So go ahead and check out RealDealCraft Etsy shop
for this unique printed vintage car pillow,
and other cool gifts for him and gifts for her!

Maya Mey Aroyo

Content writer & editor at TheWomenTeam.com “In advertising, not to be different is virtually suicidal” – Bill Bernbach