How Much Do You Love Your Coffee?


How much do you like your morning coffee (or tea, not judging)?
I am such a coffee person, so whenever I see a cool coffee mug I just have to have it! You are most likely to find printed comic-like and snappy coffee mugs around eBay or Amazon, but I recently discovered a better place for that… Etsy!
And I am not talking about Etsy sellers who massively produce coffee mugs at a factory in China, I am talking about Chelsea Tuttle. a unique woman from Illinois that makes custom artisan Mugs for Coffee Lovers & awesome people! Her coffee mugs collection is one of the coolest I have seen in a while, and just looking at her work makes me want to put some water in the kettle and take on my 5th mug today… Here are some of her amazing creations:

One more thing I loved about this seller, owner of SeeTutsMugs Etsy store, is that she also makes unique glasses, not just coffee mugs.. Like this cool Alice in Wonderland Hand Painted Glassware set:

Make sure to stop by Chelsea’s store for more unique and delicious looking coffee mug ART!

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