Husband & Wife, Making Jewelry from Casting Coins


I think that what I love most about Etsy is the fact that you could really find unique items there… There’s no limit to what people can do, make, recycle, upcycle, and think of- when they are truly that much creative. And while major shops and brands stick to trends, I think that these little home-made entrepreneurs- are the true trend setters.

In my Etsy-scouting today I came across a truly unique and special necklace… A bee pendant necklace, with the pendant made from an actual coin. A beautiful coin was shaped and made to carry out the shape of a bee on one side, and a deer on the other. The bee is a symbol of overcoming the impossible, while the deer imprint stands for rebirth and renewal.

Gold Bee Pendant Necklace - 18K Gold Plated - Sterling Silver - coin pendant Gold Bee Pendant Necklace - 18K Gold Plated - Sterling Silver - coin pendant

This rare find on Etsy is actually a part of a bigger home-enterprise… A husband and wife team of jewelry makers- using museum coins as their base material to making the most amazing jewelry!

Kimberly & Ibrahim, a Family business of jewelry and coins

In their Etsy shop, ARTemisDesignsLLC, Kimberly & Ibrahim are making beautiful jewelry from coins, something we all keep in our purses everyday and don’t even think twice about.
When I think of it, it’s truly amazing…
I think that in some point in life I might have looked on a coin and thought- well- that could look great as a necklace… But taking it from thought to an item, gold plated, surrounded by sterling silver, using the right machinery, finishing it off with such flair… Their work- is truly remarkable.

jewelry making from rare old museum coins

Right now, we have been working on our Ancient Coin jewelry collection. We cast museum quality ancient coins found around Turkey, Italy, Israel, Greece, etc. and create unique jewelry with them using 925 sterling silver, 18k gold, and leather. (say the two in their shop’s bio section)

Honeybee Bee Pendant Necklace - Rustic - Blue Topaz Gemstones - Sterling Silver - coin pendant II

Having a unique style indeed, a lot of the jewelry items made by this couple have meaning… carrying out the figures of the Greek mythology, or using spirit animals as token and symbols, these jewelry pieces are each a unique statement on it’s own.

Here are just some of my favorite items from ARTemisDesignsLLC Etsy shop:

In their shops Bio, the couple explains their individual roles in the shop:

Kimberly does the photography, graphics, web design, and marketing for ARTemis Designs, and well as visual display elements for trade shows and etc. Kimberly also does most of the design and creative work, and some of the silversmith work with Ibrahim.
Ibrahim is the main silversmith of this shop. He is the one with lots of experience in working with silver, which he learned from his family.

husband and wife making necklaces from coins

Working nonstop on new ideas, more items and inspirational designs, the couple is currently making necklaces, pendants, earrings, bracelets, cufflinks and more- all from coins.
If you like what you see visit the couples social media- Facebook | Instagram !

Visit ARTemisDesignsLLC Etsy shop for more!

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