Insanely Unique Original Oil Paintings from Ukraine


One of the reasons I love Etsy so much, is the fact that people there are truly- talented.
The online shopping mall for handmade goods holds so much items for you to love, get, use and gaze upon… From jewelry to event supplies, from crafty wooden items, to clothing… From prints- to original oil pieces!

Oil paintings have always been considered the TOP form of painting.
The paint takes longer to dry, making the artist wait for it… A single oil painting could take an artist weeks, and even months, to complete.
However, the result is totally worth the wait when you see the final painting. That feeling of looking at your own masterpiece, seeing the layers and knowing- this work of art will last centuries.

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Given the exclusive nature of these art works- they are often prices in the thousands of dollars, and not quite accessible to “normal people”.
If you’ve ever had a friend coming back from a trip in Russia, Ukraine, or Eastern Europe- you’ll know that they have seen unique art in prices that don’t exist in the USA and rest of the world… And maybe that’s the real reason why I love Etsy so much… You don’t need to go anywhere!

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Oil painter and artist Tatiana is from Kiev, Ukraine, and her works of art are made in heaven!
In her Etsy shop, MyArtForSoul, Tatiana has been selling her original oil paintings, on large canvases and small, with landscape inspiration and a fantastic mind.. And her creations are truly ONE OF A KIND.

Here are some of my personal favorite items from Tatiana’s shop:

With free shipping deals worldwide- there really isn’t a reason for you not to enjoy a timeless piece by Tatiana!

If you like this style you should know that her art is also available in file form, meaning, you can purchase a printable file of the images. It won’t live forever, like the original oil painting, but the files have amazing quality and are the easiest and fastest way of decorating the home you live in- or presenting to a friend.

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As art never stops- make sure to follow Tatiana on Instagram!

Her page is super unique, and she’s uploading her new designs there all the time- giving you a reason to stop for a sec, look at the art, take a deep breath- and continue with your day rejuvenated and inspired.


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Visit MyArtForSoul Etsy shop for more of Tatiana’s
amazing oil paintings and printable art!

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