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If you are looking for inspirational art, one you can use for unique greeting cards and for house decor with amazing wall prints – I got just the Etsy store for you ! The store is called Kokabella and it’s one of the most elegant stores I have seen on Etsy.

The store is owned by one Terry-Anne.
Terry-Anne works from her home studio located close to the beach near St. Augustine, Florida. She spends her free time with her daughter and/or her horses. You could see her love for these amazing creatures in her art work. What’s really amazing about this seller is that she uses the money she gets from her Etsy sales to take care of her recent rescue, a beautiful Morgan pony.

Her love for creating art started when she was just a kid. Terry-Anne grew up, travelled the world, and the sights she saw are what inspires her in her current art work. Her Etsy store, Kokabella, is located in the USA, & she is shipping her art to the following countries:
United States, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Puerto Rico & the United Kingdom.
Here are my favourite items from Terry-Anne’s store:

kokabella-steve-jobs-quote-etsy-inspirational kokabella-freedom-bells-ringing kokabella-horse-print kokabella-i-miss-you-print kokabella-ballet-dancer-legs kokabella-inspiration-print

You can follow Terry-Anne on:
Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram or check more of her work at Kokabella’s official website.

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