Inspirational Notebooks by Eli Maor


If you’re looking into being more productive in your everyday lives- I would suggest having a journal or notebook of some sorts- to help you keep track of your chores, tasks and thoughts.
As some people use their notebook to write down things they need to do (for personal life or for work), I like to use my notebook at the end of each day, sitting next to the pool or a window and simply putting my thoughts down on paper!

Cat Notebook


When people want to get inspired everyday in their morning coffee- they get a special inspirational coffee mug… So if you’re looking for inspiration and character in your notebook- why not try one of Eli’s notebooks- designed to inspire you- in optimism or cynicism- whichever works for you!
Her new collection of inspiring notebooks is available on her newly opened Etsy shop- EliMaor!

If you like Eli’s notebook style and like crafts and creativity in general- her social pages would inspire you everyday! Follow her on Instagram or Facebook for that daily dose of creativity and inspiration!

Involved in all sorts of crafts- you’ll find more information about Eli and her works on her official website– or her Youtube channel! This girl has really got DIY to an art level!

Visit Eli Maor’s Store for more!

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