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Hello ladies! Feeling the holiday cheer already? If you lack some colour this Xmas- you should defiantly visit Erin Brouillette’s Etsy store- Irish Eyes Design!


With Love, From The US of A!


making and shipping her orders from Tiverton, Rhode Island, Erin specializes in making the most amazing and high quality handmade necklaces. In her store and Facebook Page she talks about the fact that she’s been making jewellery ever since she was a little girl. She told us that she had always wanted to own her own business making jewellery. It was a long ride to get everything into place before the big reveal. She had been looking into how to design your shopify store along with how to get online with Etsy. I think we could all relate to that. I myself was quite the bead master as a kid, but to see a woman taking this childhood occupation and turning it into a brand- simply inspires me!
With endless love for colour, jewellery and everything that is special and unique, Irish Eyes Design Etsy store is the best place to get your hands on some handmade original necklaces that would make you feel like the 80’s are back!

Not Just For The Looks Of Them

Erin isn’t making these jewellery for you at all. She is making them for your CHILD!. As she struggled with her own son chewing on anything when he started teething, she came up with this idea of making a necklace, that mommy can wear and baby can chew! Yes, you got that right! All of the jewellery in this amazing woman’s store are chewable and safe for babies!


As most of her designs are made to attract the little ones’ eyes and attention, she also makes necklaces that are chewable but still fashionable, like this coconut ring pendant necklace! Using silicon that is 100% food grade, non toxic and approved by the FDA, Erin truly made a unique line of products. The perfect gift for you and your baby!


If your best friend is about to have a baby, if your wife is always stressed and upset when it comes to nurse feeding, or if your baby constantly puts things in his/her mouth- consider placing an order with Erin. You could achieve both style and functionality all in one necklace!

Visit her Facebook page for more interesting styles or click here to visit her Etsy store!


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