Is Tweed Making a Comeback ?


As some people think that tweed is only made for “geeks over 50”, the true fashionistas know that tweed is making a huge comeback.
These days people are starting to ease from the “buy cheap use few days” mentality- and are going back to searching high quality fabrics for their clothing- especially at winter time!

Ladies Tweed Coat Wool Boucle Brown White Oversized

As I’ve always imagined myself rocking the pink tweed jacket look- I searched Etsy for sellers who sell either tweed coats or tweed fabrics… And in one shop- I found both!
BukleFabricFashion Etsy shop is a Latvian shop for Italian fabrics.
Working with world class designers and only the best of Italian fabrics- this shop is a one stop shop for high quality fabrics and beautiful tweed and wool coats and jackets!

Here are just some of the tweed coats that caught my eye at BukleFabricFashion:

On top of that, like I said before, the shop also provides people with access to their uniquely designed fabrics… And to be honest- I am getting that “itch” to start sewing- just by looking at these fabrics!!

If Italian fabrics and tweed jackets are in your heart… Why not have them in your feed??
Check out BukleFabricFashion’s Instagram page- filled with all their newest fabrics and the occasional promotion you wouldn’t want to miss!


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Selling more than just tweed,
other high quality Italian fabrics are also available
on BukleFabricFashion Etsy shop!

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