It’s All About the SHOW – Bling Microphones with Swarovski Crystals

When people search for the best microphone- they often search for microphone types, rather than microphone designs!
Truth be told, if you want to have true fun with your singing, and upgrade your singing videos- the best microphone for you would be a bling microphone or a custom name microphone!
Custom name microphones can be made from any microphone you have, or on generic microphones, and they are sure to grab people’s attention. Having a special bling microphone is a sure way to attract attention, and get your name and brand out there!
So, I searched Etsy for the best microphone shop- and found PerfectCupsUSA!

Swarovski Crystal Bling Microphones

Gold bling wireless microphone

While the name of the shop suggest selling cups, this shop sells much more than that!
Started out as a small boutique that sells Swarovski crystals Starbucks tumblers, this seller took a step forward into making a lovely collection of Swarovski plated bling microphones that you can customize with your name or band’s name on them!

These unique custom name microphones and bling microphones can be ordered in 3 options:
1. You order your bling microphone on top of an original Samson XPD2 Handheld USB Digital Wireless Microphone.

original Samson XPD2 Handheld USB Digital Wireless Microphone

2. You already chose your best microphone after researching online! You can ask the seller to order that microphone from Amazon, to her home, and she will plate it with genuine Swarovski crystals in the design you chose- and send it to you!
or 3. You send the seller your OWN microphone, and the bling will be done on top of that!

Custom Name Microphone

Custom name microphones are available as well, in a variety of designs, using different fonts of your choosing- and a name on them! That name can be your name, your stage-name, your band’s name, or even a word that is meaningful to you- like MUSIC or LOVE.
Here are just some of the ideas I’ve found for a custom name Microphone with Swarovski crystals:

bling wireless microphone with name best microphone Blue Madness Custom name microphone with swarovski crystals Custom microphone rhinestone Swarovski crystal bling wireless mic Pink bling wireless microphone with name Custom microphone rhinestone Swarovski crystal wireless bling microphone with name

Want your own bling microphone
a wireless microphone covered with Swarovski?
Visit PerfectCupsUSA and find your
Best microphone!

Maya Mey Aroyo

Content writer & editor at “In advertising, not to be different is virtually suicidal” – Bill Bernbach