Jaspers And Quartzes From Israel


Anyone can get their jewellery at a local store or a big chain, but if you’ve been reading my posts than you know that the best possible jewels come from far away countries- and are unique at design and quantity. For that I found this amazing Etsy store called Bella Magical Jewelry. Owned by Amit and Bella Or Matzliach, this Etsy store ships rings and necklaces made with semi-precious stones and gems worldwide for FREE all the way from Israel. Prices are unbelievable if you take into account the free shipping, and you could get unique and one of a kind jewellery items for a special price when ordering from Amit and Bella’s store.

jasper-ring-etsy agate-gem-pendant
In many cultures it is believed that our jewellery make us who we are. You can wear a pendant with an animal to symbolize a characteristic feature in it that you’d like to see in yourself, or even wear a stone on your ring and hand that would give you LUCK. The items you’ll find in this Etsy store will make you feel powerful, beautiful and calm.

agate-blue-pendant-necklace jasper-ring-handmade-jewellery-etsy

What I love about this store is the fact that they take clear pictures of the pendants – ones where you can see how big they are and know what to look forward to when ordering:

jasper-stone-jewellery-ring quartz-stone-necklace-handmade-etsy

Their collection of delicate rings is also astonishing, and to be honest- I love everything that this store has to offer! Check out these images I found of their items:

rose-quartz-ring jasper-gem-pendant-necklace-etsy jasper-jewellery-ring

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