Jewelry & Fashion Inspired By The Ocean


If you’re into the great big blue- and love everything to do with oceans and sea-creatures- meet Viva Oceans!
If you like marine life, it doesn’t matter how old (or how young) you are- there’ll be a small token of love for the ocean waiting for you at Viva Oceans.
You will be able to search through your Favorite marine animals and find jewelry and fashionable items made inspired by sharks, turtles, dolphins, octopuses, fish, stars and even sea-horses! All you have to do is look in your favorite category to see a big blue world of jewelry and ocean inspired accessories!

Multicolor Seahorse Necklace

Here are some of my personal favorite items from Viva Oceans sea-jewelry collections:

On top of jewelry, I also found some ocean-inspired fashion accessories and wearables on Viva Oceans… And I love them!

Viva Oceans have a clear vision ahead, and their agenda is not only to sell jewelry.

We are an ocean-conscious shop on a mission to raise awareness for marine conservation, while offering unique ocean-inspired products. Every month, a portion of our profits are donated to clean up and maintain our oceans.

Chain Link Finger Ring Fishing Net Harness Bracelet Bangle Chain SL

With 5% of their profits being donated for marine conservation- and with free shipping over orders exceeding $55- Viva Oceans is one cool place online to find some ocean jewelry and accessories!

Go to Viva Oceans for more!

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