Jewelry, Makeup, Bags & More – Now 20% OFF!!

Holiday season is here and I am here again in another special Christmas 2018 discount post! This time with Alma’s Collections!

Alma’s Collections is a special website with all kinds of cute gift ideas! From jewelry to makeup, from bags to winter-wear, and even some gadgets and kids’ toys! And now, a special holiday sale brings you Free Shipping as well as 20% off the price!

Here are just some of the items you’ll find on Alma’s Collections:

A unique metal necklace with the glowing stars of the galaxy, a special owl collection with an owl coin purse and an owl beaded bracelet, a super punk tote bag with a skull picture on it, 15 colors eyeshadow palette, and so much more! This shop really has it all! (with 20% off….)

Glass Universe Nebula:Star Time Necklace CS1 NS2

If you want to make sure to always get the latest trends in fashion, jewelry, accessories and even gadgets- try following Alma’s Collections on Instagram! Awesome items await you there….


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