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If you’re looking to connect to your Jewish roots, or have a friend who celebrates Hanukkah and not Christmas- this next Etsy shop is perfect for you!
The shop Blue White Shop is named after a common Hebrew expression that is blue & white manufacturing. Blue & white means- made in Israel. And this Israeli designers shop- is the best place to find Judaica home decor items, Kabbalah amulets, Judaica jewelry and other traditional jewish items for yourself and your home.

One of my favorite items from BlueWhiteShop is the home blessing.
It’s a blessing that we use in our homes- to make sure the people we love and safe and happy. BlueWhiteShop’s home blessing comes on a wooden star of David, with the words of the blessing there to give good luck to the people living in the house.
The perfect gift for weddings, engagements or housewarming events!

Handmade Wooden Star of David with Home Blessing and Semi-Precious Stones Judaica Home Decor

The shop also caters to Christians worldwide- with a wide range of beautiful crosses and other Christian home decor items made from olive wood from the holy land!

If you like what you’ve seen here so far-
go ahead and visit BlueWhiteShop Etsy shop for more!

Vintage Style Menorah 7 Branch Candle Holder 12 Tribes From Jerusalem 8.9''

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