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I love buying gifts for my nieces and nephews. Well, half of that is true.
Getting gifs for teen boys is hard, yo never know what to get them… And as 29 year old woman- I have zero experience in being a teenage boy. I just often give them cash.
But my nieces? That’s a treat!
I love looking at all the sweet things you could get a little girl or teenage woman, they simply make me feel fuzzy inside, where the nostalgia hits best 🙂

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When looking around Etsy for a gift for my niece (she’s starting middle school in few weeks), I found this cute little Etsy store called HoneyandJoy. Owned by Zoya Malcher from Germany, this store’s items can be shipped worldwide, so everyone could enjoy them- no matter their location.

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All of the items in the store are made by Zoya, and they are so sweet and delicate! You’ll be able to find there beauty boxes, greeting cards, baby shower gifts and everything that has to do with magic and fairies! There are also beautiful birthday greeting cards, designed for teens as well as for the woman/man that you love!

Here are some of my favorite items from Zoya’s store (it was hard to choose since she has more than 100 handmade and unique items!) :

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Mother’s Day Gifts

Zoya’s items are so unique, with her main “ingredient” in the greeting cards is dried flowers! She has beautiful and floral designs that any mother would be happy to get ! (Or grandmother!). You can also see her small attention to details in her work and rely on the fact that her items are truly one of a kind!

If you want to follow Zoya’s work on social media you could follow her Pinterest account or Twitter, and always see her new creations first hand!

So, what do you think?
Will your next handmade gift shopping support a small family business? Will it come from Zoya’s store? 🙂

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