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There are 2 types of Etsy stores on Etsy- the type that sells for the end consumers (you and me) and the type that sells supplies for other Etsy business owners or people who sell handmade art anywhere else.

One store, dnicecraft, is actually both.
Located in Israel and shipping worldwide, the owner of the store, Dafna, is selling both her handmade work and supplies for other Etsians and knitting lovers all over!

A freeform necklace with pink flowers OOAK

You’ll be able to find in her little Etsy boutique almost everything- dangle earrings, crochet necklaces, knitted baby shoes, knitting hooks, embroidery threads, wool, and a lot more.

Here are some of my personal favorites from Dafna’s store:

A knitted handmade clutch bag in red three-dimensional strawberry pattern with green leaves made of 100% cotton yarn

colorful Alize acrylic yarn triangle hand knitted crochet women shawl

Colorful stripes Baby boy:girl blanket - Off-white background - OOAK

Knitted ruffles necklace with pink knitted flower

Pin with wood figures of boy and girl on black cloth and embroidered bordo frame

Visit Dafna’s Etsy store to see more!

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