Lava Stones Diffuser Bracelets & Aromatherapy Sprays


If you’re looking for some way to make your days easier, give you that extra boost of strength, or some calming vibe- what you need is essential oils.
Different essential oils have different effects on us, helping us with life’s trials, and giving us something to focus on, something to breath in, literally.

People’s curious minds were the reason we know that, but it was people’s creativity that gave us more ways to have essential oils in our lives!
A special shop on Etsy, by the name of PUREBLENDSBodySoul,is a great place to find that creativity…
The shop sells unique handmade lava stone diffuser bracelets, as well as aromatherapy spray bottles.
The special diffusing bracelets are made with special beads- that have holes in them.
These little “meteors” absorb essential oils- and releases them throughout the day, making it easier for you to “carry” your essential oils with you!

Rose Quartz Lava Bracelet | Natural Aromatherapy Diffuser | Unconditional Love | Healing For Your Heart Lava Bracelet with Rose Quartz | Aromatherapy Diffuser | Crystal Of Love | Unconditional Love | Healing For Your Heart

Another great solution from this shop is the aromatherapy sprays- an easy dispenser method, allowing you to spread the calm and energy of these essential oils throughout any room- or on your body! Made for various daily tasks (sleep easy, get energy in the morning, etc.) these special spray bottles are truly essential!

If you want to know more about diffuser bracelets
or essential oils spray bottles
go to PUREBLENDSBodySoul Etsy shop today!

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