Let Me Introduce You To Scraffs.


Scraffs is the #1 Etsy store you’re gonna go nuts for this winter! Shipping worldwide from Berkeley, United Kingdom, this store is your one-stop-shop for handmade wool and crochet items! I mean- there are so many options with this store! From amazing scarves with unique style, to matching sets of leg warmers and crochet gloves… Just take a look at how amazing these sets are:

But, as I said above, leg warmers and gloves are not the only thing this store has to offer.. In fact, if you liked these items- you’ll go crazy for the variety of scarves available from this seller!

scrumptious-scarves-amazing-handmade-scarf scrumptious-scarves-blue-scarf scrumptious-scarves-dark-warming-scarf scrumptious-scarves-yellow-scarf scrumptious-scarves-red-scarf

The story behind the store (taken from the store’s about section)

Scraffs began as an acorn of an idea whilst I was living in the Alps region of France with my husband and our five children. I wanted to start a shop selling all the oversized, squidgy, statement accessories that I love to wear. My husband thinks Scraffs is a giant extension of my wardrobe 😜 and it is true that I only design pieces that I love to wear myself, but it is a business too…honestly!!

Scraffs is run from my new base on the edge of the Cotswolds, England in a converted old school house overlooking a field of cows (smells not so good!). It is a great place to be inspired and to run a business from. Please do enjoy browsing the Scraffs store and follow us on Instagram (@Scraffs) to join in.

This is truly one of the most unique stores on Etsy, and these scarves would not only be an amazing and stylish gift but also one that your loved ones could use this xmas! So hurry up to Scraffs and see what more they have in store!

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