Let Paola Goddess Of Light Guide You Through Life’s Changes


Meet Paola, a natural born medium, the person to give you good readings with a positive energy. The art of reading in the cards, of feeling energy, is nothing new. However, not all of us can have a card reader close by… Paola offers that service from the far, worldwide, allowing you to reconnect to your purpose with her readings.

I cannot emphasis enough how crucial it is to have a professional do your reading. There are a lot of “black-see-ers” out there, and their dark and grim read might turn your smile to a frown and make you feel defeated before you even started.
A good reader is the one that will show you the path to light, the good in ANY situation, and will show you how to maneuver through life’s changes. And that’s what Paola does.

What will you need to send Paola in order for her to read her cards for you:
✸ Your first name
✸ Birth Date (Month/Day/Year)
✸ If your Reading is in regards to someone else she will need their above information as well.
✸ Your Question or Situation
-Please be as detailed as possible. Details help Paola connect to your energy.
✸ Please include any information that you feel necessary in order to make your Reading as beneficial as possible. You may also provide photos if you’d like.

On top of her unique skills with the cards and her cards reading listings, Paola offers you to enjoy Skype sessions with her, 10, 20, 25, 50 minutes readings, that can also be done by a phone call. These readings will have a greater value, and will be a lot more accurate- as she has you “live” with her in order to confront the messages that the cards are showing her.

What I love most about her, again, is that positive energy… An energy you can feel by the messages she sends in her listings, with empowering quotes and sentences to tell yourself everyday!

Her positivity starts with her self introduction, saying:  Hello ~ You are appreciated! And this is what she wrote to explain her unique service in her Etsy store:

My name is Paola a natural born medium, clairvoyant and clairaudient as well as a powerful gifted spiritual healer.
I am a messenger of truth and I am always guided by the purest of spirit. My readings are positive, energized, and concentrated on showing you in-depth information so I can help you move on your path with unconditional understanding and empathy for you as a human being.

No matter what it is you seek, my goal is to help you find it. At the end of your reading, you will always feel re-balanced and with all weight lifted from your shoulders. But keep in mind that I cannot decide for you, I can only guide you.

My own personal life experiences have helped me appreciate the gift of life and to never take it for granted, life should be celebrated and all wisdom should be shared to help all beings in the world and universe. Where would the world be without empathy? I am an empath, medium and healer, and this is my life path.

I wish you the brightest of blessing on your path and I look forward to coming with you on your journey.

I think we could all use some positive energy in our lives here and there, a second pair of eyes on our situation, and a talented impartial person who could help us understand the struggles we are facing. For a bigger dose of positivity please visit Paola’s Facebook page. Visit her Etsy store Spirit Guides or website for her offers and readings.

Good luck Paola- spread the love and joy of life- The Women Team is sending you all of our love and positive energy!

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