Let Your Individual Style Shine


People who like to show off their individual style with clothing items and accessories- have something in common…. They all love ETSY.

ETSY is an online market for handmade goods. It holds thousands of online stores owned by independent vendors who make awesome things with their hands and minds. I love Etsy cause the items there are so different than what you’ll see in the mall, and cause you could easily get your hands on unique items, that are often One of a Kind.

One of these unique vendors that make awesome stuff to support individuality is Sarah. Based in the UK, Sarah is the owner of an Etsy store called MaidenIslington, and with a crafty hand she makes super cute jewelry items you’ll simply adore!
Here are some of my favorite items in her store:

Gilt and purple paper bead dangle drop earrings Handmade rose gold wire plate butterfly earrings Wooden soda pink bead drop earringsRed glass crackle bead and tarnish resistant silver plate copper wire cage necklace

If you like what you see you should defiantly check out Sarah’s Etsy store and get one of these sweet pieces for yourself- upgrade your look, support a small business- and stay unique AF <3

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