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If you want to add a touch of Spanish style into your everyday life, meet- Lola Pinel.

With the slogan- The Wearing Art, Lola has opened her own Etsy shop! Her shop is a place to celebrate beautiful colors and calming combinations- with organza fabric delights, hair accessories, stylish and delicate designed fans, and even hand painted bookmarks.

hand-painted green organza scarf Hand Painted purple organza scarf Hand painted bookmark. Hand painted bookmark. Black shawl, hand-painted in strokes of various colors Fiesta broken white umbrella handpainted

The store is Etsy-Fresh, giving us a chance to support a starting small business and getting all the love and care you’d only get from an Etsy shop! Her passion for arts as a child was just another way of passing the time, however, with time and as Lola educated her self in various artistic styles- this has become a real trade and skill, and I am happy that Lola took it to the next level and opened her Etsy shop!

Neck flower made in organza fabric and crepe. Unique product. Headdress made in organza fabric and feathers. Unique product. Headdress made in organza fabric and crepe. Unique Product

Hear Lola speak about her artistic side and designs:

My accessories´s collection is made with love, professionalism and many hours of workshop work behind each one of them, they are perfect to look on the day to day while having an original and exclusive touch that will make specials until your outfits more simple.

lola pinel Mi trabajo se basa en el amor por la pinturay con el trato de llevar el arte a todas las texturas posibles.

Her work can be met to anyone’s needs, and as she places clients as her first priority- you can always ask her to make something just for you!


Visit LolayPinel Etsy shop for more!

Hand Painted pine wood fan, unique design

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