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A lot of people think that purchasing online is only when you want to buy a huge print shirt or a cool USB flash drive… However, when you shop at eBay- you can pretty much find anything!

If you like sewing and stitching, having DIY projects (or if you own a business of manufacturing clothes or fashion accessories)- you can save money and time and order all the buttons you’ll ever need- on J&J Button!

5pc 54L 35mm LARGE Deep Red Paint Natural Real Pearl Shell Button Crafts Pattern 8pcs 44L 1 1:8 Large Green Pink Engrave Flora Natural Real Pearl Shell Button 10pc S Double Face 9 Color Skull Bead Paracord Lanyards Bracelets Jewelry Crafts

J&J Button eBay store is an excellent place to find any type of button you need- and in any size! They have such a huge variety that will make you feel inspired just by looking at it! When you browse through their store you’ll start to think of all the things you can add buttons to- to make them more stylish, and all the ways you can use these unique buttons- to make a statement with what you wear (or sell).

Lot 100 18L 7:16 11.4mm Mock Shell Pearlize Flower Flora Button Crafts Project Lot 8 44L 1 1:8 Real Pearl Shell Button Coat Cardigan Jacket Blue Flora paint 15mm 20mm Thick Navy Faux Horn Button Suit Jacket Blazer Sport Trench Coat Knopf

Liked the buttons you’ve seen here so far?
Go to J&J Button on eBay for much much more!

J380 100pc 16L 10mm Red & White Xmas Shirt Button Project DIY Sewing Card Making

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