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Shopping for accessories and jewelry online has become somewhat of a trend, but with that trend comes… Boredom! People are simply wearing the same $2-3 fake bracelets from AliExpress, or the same $4 ring or $3 necklace, and this has become one of the most weirdest trends ever.
Jewelry is something that we should respect. The right piece of jewelry can mean so much and can say so much about who we are and what our goals are…

If you are one of those people who believe that one piece of unique handmade jewelry is better than 10 pieces of “everyone has it” jewelry- you should defiantly check out LAVALJEWELRY.
LAVALJEWELRY is an Etsy store that specializes in making unique jewelry accessories for both men and women. Skull bracelets with 18K gold plated magnetic locks, a rare Thunder bolt Plug necklace 18K gold plated, and even a full on body-jewelry-necklace- this store is absolutely amazing! But don’t trust my word for it! Visit the store today to see what you could find there… And in the meantime, I will leave you with my fav 6 items from this store:

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