Marimo Moss Balls And Plants On Air


If you like adding a touch of green to your house with amazing and unique plant decorations- you are going to love this Etsy store! In one of my etsy-web-travels I have found a store called Nervosa Corner that turns nature into a true art! The store is located in Germany and ships to selected countries around the world (United States, European Union, Spain, Serbia and more). You can have a look at this lovely art done by the talented Marija Mihailovic.

Marija is an Architect, but as much as she is qualified in designing the out-side of your house, she is more passionate about what goes on inside the house itself. In her Etsy store she talks about how she noticed, while working with her clients on the interiors of their households, that it is the little things that make an apartment truly special and complete. About a year ago she started getting interested in Marimo Moss Balls and the manufacturing of air plants…. And she is making truly amazing things with that talent of hers! You will be able to find some interesting items in her Etsy store like Marimo Moss Balls in many colours, as well as “sculptures” of wood and plant that will either “float” on your wall or stand tall on a desk. Here are some of the items I’d fancy from her store:

etsy-air-art etsy-art-plant etsy-decorations etsy-Marimo-Moss-Ball-2 etsy-Marimo-Moss-Ball-3 etsy-Marimo-Moss-Ball etsy-plant-art etsy-plant-decoration etsy-review

So go check out Marija’s store now 🙂

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