Match Your Journals to Your Coffee Mugs or Wine Tumblers


Dream Journal and Coffee:Wine Tumbler SetKeeping a personal journal is something that has become more and more popular over the past few years.
As much as we’ve seen a jump in the use of technology in the past 2 decades, few years ago people started seeing that sometimes technology needs to step aside, letting old traditions roam for a while and reclaim their rightful place.
After the blogging buzz, people started to accept that they might want to go back to being more private with their thoughts… With our daily lives all over social media, it’s good to take some offline time- and write in an old school journal!

The smell of the paper, the feeling of the pen as you write, and that sweet design that makes you want to hold your journal close to heart- all contribute to the relaxing effects of keeping a diary.
Journals and diaries come in so many forms these days.
Companies make them with attractive and creative covers- to make sure you’ll choose their journals over the competition. However… I just found a competitor to these big stationary companies that makes something truly unique… A way for you to “upgrade” your diary-time with your favorite drink.

As most people write when they wake up or right before bed time, a writer and designer by the name of Terri L Dumas has decided to create a unique collection of her very own journal and coffee-mug-wine-tumbler sets! When asked about her unique new project, Terri had this to say:

I am a freelance writer who loves beautiful journals and a great cup of coffee for inspiration. This is what inspired me to create the Sip and Journal Collection, which are beautiful journal sets with matching coffee and wine tumblers.

Diamond and Bronze Journal and Cofee:Wine Tumbler Set - Thoughts Worth Way More Than a Penny

SipandJournal is her Etsy shop- meant for your to sip your favorite drink, from a cup the matches the design and layout of your journal cover- the perfect inspirational set!

Diamond and Bronze Journal and Cofee:Wine Tumbler Set - Thoughts Worth Way More Than a Penny Dream Journal and Coffee:Wine Tumbler Set

As Terri just opened her Etsy shop, I was surprised to see that this wife & mother of 3 has over 2600 followers on her Instagram account! However, when i saw all the motivational and beautiful posts on her page- I can now understand why!

After the launch of her Etsy shop, Terri is hoping to make a dream come true, make money for her family out of something she loves, good at, and feel so strongly about! Isn’t that what we all want?

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Pink - Follow Your Heart Journal and Coffee:Wine Tumbler

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