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If you’re looking for the perfect gift to give a loved one, or the most unique item to add to your home- you can’t go wrong with a rug!

A unique Etsy shop by the name of kpatsMATS is offering a huge variety of handmade rugs and mats that will blow your mind!
Unique color combinations, that special handmade feel, and high quality materials, are all in play here- creating that perfect fabric piece to bring a room together!

Red White and Blue Handmade #Doormat, Kitchen, Bathroom, Shower, Patio Indoor : Outdoor Rug #America

The owner of the shop, Kristina Paterson, is one talented lady, with a passion for colors and working with her hands. Her shop is so special, and unlike any other rug store, because Kristina realized that a rug can be so much more than just a rug!

In their small sizes, Kristina’s rugs are perfect as door mats and kitchen placements, but her bigger rugs, made with various materials, can also be used as wall-tapestries, blankets and shawls!

NEW #Handmade #Purple, #Orange, #Blue, #Green and #Red #PlaceMat

And, just in case you didn’t know this exists…
Kristina has a glow in the dark mat!

If you, somehow, couldn’t find any rug you like from kristina’s shop- you should know she also offers special custom works- to create a rug in the size and color scheme that would be perfect for your home or loved ones!

If you want to see more of Kristina’s fabric works of art-
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Visit Kristina Paterson’s shop, kpatsMATS, today- for more!

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