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If you’re looking for more beautiful items for your planner or scrapbook- you should really check out a sweet little Etsy shop by the name of RoseandCrownPaper.

RoseandCrownPaper Etsy shop is owned by May, a graphic designer and illustrator that has a special touch for everything that is cute and adorable!
The shop holds so many different stationary and planner supplies, with different styles. Cute comics, animals, nautical, botanical, light, dark, everything!
Here are my personal favorite stickers from May’s shop:

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May talks about her inspiration in her shop’s bio:

Most of the ideas I have throughout the day I tend put into my sketchbook. I use watercolor, guache or markers in the final stages to add color. I edit via photoshop, use high quality gloss paper, laminate and hand cut all stickers. This does take a long time to do, but I price stickers so they are affordable for everyone. All the money I make from the stickers I put back into my shop -buying laminate, sticker paper, ink cartridges and art supplies. My shop is meant to be an outlet for me so I can be happy creating and making others happy through my art.

On top of these amazing stickers (more on May’s shop RoseandCrownPaper), you’ll also find some unique greeting cards, prints and even downloadable files to make your own stationary and stickers!

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Like what you see here?
Visit RoseandCrownPaper Etsy shop for more!

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