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If you’re looking for something special for your man (husband, boyfriend, father…) you’d be surprised to know how easy it is to give them something they’d love! All they really need- is something basic and simple, something that they can see themselves using on a daily basis.
So, what’s better than a rare but simple vintage shirt? 

Maybe a vintage sweater/tshirt?

Giving the men in your life a feeling that they haven’t felt since the 80’s or 90’s!
A special Etsy shop by the name of btuians is bringing you some unique tshirt finds from the years of the past, and with it- the chance to enrich your man’s closet with items that he will immediately feel comfortable in!

If you like the photos in this post and think your guy would be happy to get one of them-
go ahead and visit btuians Etsy shop!

Remember- these are vintage items and every one of them has only 1 left in stock-
so hurry up!!

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