Men’s Fashion on Etsy

If you’re looking for some awesome fashion items for your guy- you should check out Layne Solo Etsy shop!

On Layne Solo you’ll be able to find vintage and second hand men fashion items- mostly unique tshirts, all in good condition!
Selling his own shirt collection, Layne Solo has a great taste in fashion, and shopping from his store is a great way to find affordable men’s shirts that will add some style to your boyfriend’s/Husband’s general apparel!

Green Flannel Shirt Size XL

Here are some of my personal favorite tshirts from Layne Solo Etsy shop:

These shirts are fun, easy, stylish, and in excellent condition!
They can be warn with jeans or formal pants, and get your guy looking HOT on the everyday or on formal events!

With 65 available shirts at Layne Solo shop- the item count keeps changing! The shirts are one of a kind in this shop, so when one gets sold to one person- it will not longer be available in the shop!
However, the shop’s owner is constantly adding more and more men’s fashion shirts to his shop- so give it a visit every now and then to see the newest items!

Multi-Color Flannel Shirt Size XXL

Visit Layne Solo Etsy shop for more!

H&M Flannel Shirt Size XL

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