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With the rise of the online world- more and more people are doing unique things and selling them worldwide- for everyone to enjoy!
I think, in a way, Internet has made things more accessible to us, and made people a lot more creative in their desire to explore, meet new cultures, and even shop for different cultural gifts and accessories.

So, I set out to find something… DIFFERENT.
And I did!

Tona Caballito del Mare 8 - Seahorse Alebrije, Oaxacan Wood Carving mexican art

Maria and Robert are quite the crafty international couple.
Maria was born in Veracruz, Mexico, and Robert was born in Rügen, Germany.
While Robert attended school in Mexico, he met Maria, and the two realized they have a shared passion- Mexican Craftsmanship.

So now, Robert and Maria are selling beautiful handmade Mexican creations- from Germany, in their international Etsy boutique: ElNopalitoBoutique.

Robert talks about how they started the shop, and about the various artists who make these amazing mexican home delights:

The traditional folk arts have a hard time in Mexico and are increasingly suffering from lack of recognition. At the beginning of 2016, we decided that we would like to contribute our part to preserve the craftsmanship and to support the artists with our online boutique “El Nopalito”.

Tona Pez 11 - Fish Alebrije, Oaxacan Wood Carving

In our shop you can find products from all kind of artists. Artists exhibited in international museums up to completely unknown street artists, with or without a certificate of authenticity or publications in international books. All artworks are unique pieces and 100% handmade in Mexico.

We place great emphasis on paying the Artists fair and to visit them in person in their workshops. For most it was possible to show us their work, workshop and to tell us their stories.

It’s a close partnership.
Robert and Maria come up with unique ideas of what they want to sell, and their artistic contacts in Mexico are making these idea come to life in the highest of qualities!

If you like this style and ever in Berlin- make sure to check out Robert and Maria’s Instagram page! You might just see that they are attending a local bazaar with their Mexican decoratives:

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Tona Chiva Loco - Goat Alebrije, Oaxacan Wood Carving

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