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If you’re looking for a quick way to symbolize a connection between you and your man (or girl)- there’s nothing better than couples jewelry!

While searching for unique couples bracelets on Etsy I encountered on an interesting shop by the name of ShirleyLaiterDesigns. Named after its designer, Shirley Laiter, this shop is a great place to find the most unique pieces of jewelry, including the couples bracelets you just saw above this text 🙂

This kind of beauty and minimalism can only be achieved with patience.
And Shirley has that, given the fact that she is NOT new to the world of arts…

Ever since I can remember myself I have been very creative and loved to design things.
I have a degree in fashion design – I graduated WIZO Haifa Academy of Design at the fashion design department at 1994.
After earning my degree I worked ten years in the Hi-tech industry as a graphic designer.

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Shirley tells in her shop’s bio.
It’s amazing how many people turn to Etsy after working in High-tech, and a lot of them have similar stories to Shirley. Being a mother is a full time job- and you can’t always work full time as well. You also don’t want to. You want that freedom to raise your kids right, spend time with them, and also- with yourself, Grow as a person.

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So, after her second child was born, having no job options and searching for what to do with her life and family… Shirley turned to jewelry design, and to Etsy.

Being self-taught, Shirley designs quite a lot… Not just couples jewelry.
There’s a whole world of beautiful trinkets there in her shop- waiting to be gifted!
Beautiful zodiac bracelets, leather and metal mixed bangles, delicate opal stone Hamsa necklaces, gold letter initials necklaces, beautiful leather and silver keychains, and much more!

Visit ShirleyLaiterDesigns Etsy shop for more!

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