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One of my first art-related memory was seeing this artist in an exhibition and noticing that he had painted cows in all of his paintings. And in the few paintings that didn’t include cows- he had painted some other part of life on the farm.
I remember starring at his work and asking my mom – why is he only painting farm animals?
“That’s cause every artist needs to have a style and a theme”, she replied.
And I had a hard time accepting that, to be honest.

Gray Elephant 3. Extra Large Rustic Gray Cooper Elephant canvas print, elephant wall decor, ELEPHANT art print up to 72 by Irena Orlov

I love music, i am a musician, but I play every type of music that I can play, and I always love different styles. So, growing up I was always looking to see other artists, musicians, painters, fashion designers, that showcase a variety of different pieces, all made with different thoughts and inspirations in mind.
And I found the perfect example for that today!

“A woman has the right to change her mind”

I have always loved this sentence, and growing up with it I couldn’t be more happy to have found that one artist that doesn’t care about a theme and just creates everything- and finding out that it’s a woman!

Her name is Irena Orlov, and she owns an Etsy store in her name (IrenaOrlov) where she sells amazing canvas prints as well as original paintings. When I looked into her store it was easy to see that there are no rules in her art!

You have farm animals on rustic wood, you have flowing shapes of abstract on a complete white background, and a woman with green leaves for hair!
I contacted Irena and asked her about that topic, about the fact that she is doing… Everything, and what is it we could find in her store! And this is what she had to say:

I do not limit myself to a specific style or medium, therefore browsing my shop you will find a variety of original paintings and mixed media fine art pieces.
Browsing my studio you will discover art exhibiting a variety of styles including bohemian themes, shabby chic, mid century modern, rustic pieces, as well as modern and contemporary pieces to meet your interior design needs. My canvas art prints are available in various dimensions, including oversized canvases that measure up to 96” in size.

Beauty Spring Woman - Acrylic and 3D Painting on Canvas, Fake Greenery Attached to the Canvas. Artificial Vertical Garden Art by Irena Orlov

Impressed yet?
Visit Irena’s store on Etsy for more amazing designs, canvases and original works, there are more than 1700 items that are waiting just for you!

Malibu. California. Palm trees. Original Mixed Media Hand-Painted digital canvas print with Acrylic by Irena Orlov, Large canvas 30 x 60

Plus, if you want to be able to go”back” to an art piece you like you can go to Irena’s Pinterest page and pin the items you like for later!
Have fun shopping for everything!

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