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Wood Wall Art - Lines - Reclaimed 30x30 in electric blue Wood SculptureI have to say, right off the bat, I love concept stores!
I mean, you can go lost in big stores like Target, or IKEA, but I honestly love seeing small beautiful boutiques that seem to have this LINE of design in their mind, where all of the products match and connect to one another.

Modern Design

A lot of women these days like to add this little touch of vintage to their modern homes, and a lot of my posts were about juts that. However, adding a touch of vintage to a modern home requires one big important thing… A modern home!
For that there are some basic things you’ll need to have:
A clean one or two colors sofa, a simple blank table, some magazines stacked neatly, a vase and a modern piece of art.

The modern design style, when it comes to art, involves around the idea of colors and color-charts. Going from one shade to another, bulging details, and clear lines.
Usually these pieces include a certain color scheme, or they consist of 2-3 colors that are completely different from each other.

Wood Wall Art with Hooks - Coat Rack - Upcycled, Distressed Wood

Unlike abstract art that you need to figure out what the artist was thinking about, one that everyone could see different things in it, modern wall art is simply there, connecting the colors of the room together, and is easy to understand.

Textures are the new thing in modern design

One of the most beautiful things in modern design is the use of texture to create a 3D piece. Unlike regular art work like paintings, Modern wall art is often popping out and really takes it’s space in the room- one of the things I love most about it.

Wood Wall Art - Abstract Acrylic Painting on Wood - Reclaimed Wood Art

In my pursue of great modern art I went into Etsy, the biggest online market for handmade goods and crafts. There are a lot of modern artists there, but I knew what I wanted to find from the get go. I was looking for that artist that makes simple wall art, but one that is 3D. As I love to see wood colors in my home, my instant attraction was towards Henry Toro, an amazing artist from Oklahoma that owns moderntextures Etsy store.

In his store I was able to find… Everything I’ve just been telling you about, and in fact- all of the images you’ve seen so far were taken from his store! In his store’s about us section, Henry talks about how he came up to be what he is today, as his life were going in a whole other direction prior to 2007…

After being laid off of a corporate job in the mortgage/banking industry back in 2007, my world changed. After that I could only find temporary jobs, no company in my industry was hiring full time employees (mortgage crisis). During 2008/2009 I finally found full-time work, but I wasn’t doing what I was trained for – I had to settle for a lower pay and more responsibilities which was frustrating and stressful to say the least, so I knew that I had to do something new. But most importantly, I wasn’t happy working for someone else.

henry toro modern wall art modern texture

I have always had the entrepreneurial bug in me and have always wanted to have my own business. On the other hand, creating, drawing and designing things have always been something that I have really enjoyed doing since I was a child. Etsy have been a great venue to channel that energy.

If you want to make sure to always get notified when Henry brings out a new modern art piece- you can use social media and Life his page on Facebook, or Follow his work on Instagram! Social media is a great way to a get a glimpse into Henry’s mind and life, as well as getting to be the first to hear about sales and promotions!

For more of this amazing modern art seller visit his Etsy store!

Wall Art - Wood Wall Art - Wood Sculpture - Modern Reclaimed Wood - Ocean 20x40

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